Urban Pathways Mobility


Auto-Truck E.A Green Technologies Ltd

Easing movement and logistics of small-scale businesses in Mombasa through adoption of Electrical Handcarts (E-Handcarts)

is a Kenyan company that was set up to research and manufacture green technology mobility products for the vast and untapped African market. The drive behind this company is Mr. Kenneth Guantai, a Kenyan innovator aged 34 years and who has great passion in environmental protection. His interest is in developing mobility technologies that can be harnessed to reverse pollution that results from fossil fuel combustion by the conventional motor vehicles.
He has innovated his unique model of electric light-duty three-wheeler as well as electric handcart for use in light goods transportation and Taxi services in major Cities and towns across Kenya with the possibility of up-scaling to other regions of Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond. He is also at an advanced stage of developing a utility component that will enable his three-wheelers and handcarts to self- recharging with very little motion that will be known as Regenerative Motion Recharging System (RMRS), a technology that will enable EVs self-recharge through kinetic motion and which will completely eliminate the need for external power source like fuel or electricity plug in for operation.